What areas do you serve?

Our primary area of service are those within the unincorporated or rural areas of Livingston Parish. But you may reach out to us as long as you live within Livingston Parish. If we have the funds and resources we will assist or direct you to the appropriate resources available.

Are you a rescue group?

No. At this time we cannot provide rescue services. If an animal is injured please contact a rescue, vet office, or call LPSO who will assess and if necessary, at their discretion, send out someone to rescue the animal.

If you are not a rescue, then why do you foster and rehome cats?

Usually, the cats in question were kittens born to feral mother's that we spay under our program. In other cases, kittens that are deemed friendly or semi-feral (typically, shy and scared rather than aggressive) will be fostered if we have the resources to do so.

Why are there re-home fees for your fosters?

Almost all foster programs and many individuals ask for a re-home fee to dissuade animal abusers, hoarders, and dog bait seekers from obtaining animals. Paying a re-home fee also assures us that you will be able to provide them with regular vet care and vaccinations.

What if I'd like to adopt two cats, will I pay two separate-home fees?

Yes, but we do offer reduced re-home fees if you adopt two or more cats from us after a successful adoption application.